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Tips for searching by name:

Name searching normally requires only the doctor's last name. However you can enter the full name for a more specific search. If the doctor has a very common name, such as 'John Smith', up to a dozen records may be retrieved, and you will need to look through them to determine which is the one you are interested in.

Variant spellings of names are common, even in official documents. AMPI records all the variant spellings found in our sources for each doctor's name (whether or not they are correct). However you may be using a variant we have not found for the person in question. If your search is initially unsuccessful, it may be worth trying obvious alternative spellings (eg 'Clark' or 'Clerk' instead of 'Clarke').

Name still not found? AMPI aims to be a comprehensive database. If the name you entered is not found, and you have a good reason for believing that the person was a doctor in Australia before 1875, we will research it further for you! Simply send the details to us by emailing the editor, and we will get back to you.

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